OK, there is actually no good reason for us to synchronise watches, but I watched a few movies on the flight yesterday and, well, I’ve always wanted the opportunity to say that.

What there is good reason for is a little bit of celebration – BoostPM is finally being launched into the world, and it feels great. After months and months of speaking with with Property Management companies all over the country (from West Virginia to Oregon) we are getting the first users on board and working with them closely to set everything up for their businesses.

We know just how much of an impact automation and workflows can make on a Property Management company – we’ve seen it first hand. We also know that every company is different, which is why we designed BoostPM to be customizable by every individual company – we’re not trying to fit you into a box.

Check out five amazing things BoostPM will offer your Property Management company:

So take a look at what is on offer in boost and, if you want to know more (or be included in the next round of invites) please head over to the main page and log your details on the form.

Onwards and upwards!