We’ve been hard at work at BoostPM onboarding our first set of customers. We’re working very closely with all of them to help them integrate their processes into our system so that they can get maximum benefit.

Along the way, we have also found some time to record some new videos of Boost in action! You can see them all at www.boostpm.com/#videos

Video 1 -Active Workflow Management
See it here at https://youtu.be/-ZC3XRSVBMU

This video shows you the awesome impact the active workflow management system of BoostPM can have on your Property Management business by illustrating a simple overdue rent workflow.

Video 2 – Automating Emails & Texts
See it here at https://youtu.be/GANIn-G8owc

In this video we look at a key component of automation, emails and text messages, and how BoostPM can save your team hours each week on automating simple communication.

Video 3 – Integrating your SMS & Phone
See it here at https://youtu.be/boSaIDWlpQg

Find out about the game-changing power of integrating your SMS and Phone Calls into BoostPM. See how you can now track and record all communications between your Tenants, Owners and Vendors for a truly universal view.

We’re super excited with what we have achieved so far and we can’t wait to work with even more people! Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at support@boostpm.com to talk more about how we can help your PM business soar with automation and active worflow management!