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New Onboarding Team Announced and end of Beta programme!

For those of you who have been following BoostPM, we've been in our closed BETA programme since January 2019. During that time we've learned a lot about the challenges that Property Management companies face when they look to onboard any new software, and we've committed investment to make sure that BoostPM can be the exception [...]

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Check out some of our new videos!

We've been hard at work at BoostPM onboarding our first set of customers. We're working very closely with all of them to help them integrate their processes into our system so that they can get maximum benefit. Along the way, we have also found some time to record some new videos of Boost in action! [...]

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Let’s synchronise our watches, please!

OK, there is actually no good reason for us to synchronise watches, but I watched a few movies on the flight yesterday and, well, I've always wanted the opportunity to say that. What there is good reason for is a little bit of celebration - BoostPM is finally being launched into the world, and it [...]

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